8 Most Successful Products from Shark Tank


With eight seasons and 170 episodes under its belt, ABC’s entrepreneur pitch show, Shark Tank, has seen it all. The premise of the show is simple: inventors and entrepreneurs pitch their products to real-life investors (called sharks). The sharks evaluate the products and decide whether to back the fledgling companies with their own money. From alarm clocks that wake you up with the smell of bacon, to a scented candle that simulates the most alluring scents to attract a man (apparently this is beer, pot roast and barbecue), the show has exposed its audience of 5 million viewers to some of the silliest inventions ever conceived. However, over the years, the sharks have also seen some great ideas that just needed an investor (with deep pockets) to take off. Here are the top 10 most successful products that got their start in the Shark Tank (sales figures from the Financial Post).
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