The Top 5 Things Moms Want for Mother’s Day

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What Moms Apparently Don’t Want

Do you know what I don’t see on this list?


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Apparently, moms are over flowers and I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t think of just giving flowers to my wife. This is especially true considering the cost of flowers is outrageous around Mother’s Day. Why pay over $100 for flowers that will be dead in a couple of days?

If you plan on giving flowers to your mom or spouse on Mother’s Day, then at least get a deal and don’t consider it the only thing you need to get. I have found time and time again that I can get some great looking flowers at my local supermarket florist section. They take care of their roses and other flowers and they last for some time. I have never gotten flowers that didn’t last at least a week. Many have lasted upwards of two weeks. The best part is I paid more about 60% less than those who order online or at their local florist. I won’t do that anymore. It’s crazy.


So, these are the things that mothers want for Mother’s Day.  Do any of them surprise you?  Are you giving your mother one of these gifts?




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